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Getting Landscaping Services in the Phoenix Area

In my family, we called our big oak tree “goliath” and although the massive tree did not start out that big, it eventually overtook our entire lawn, it’s roots spreading to the concrete sidewalk in front of our house, literally breaking it into pieces as time went on. When we bought the tree many many moons ago, we were unaware just how massive this particular type of tree would grow to become. We were definitely in for a major, major surprise and at our own expense. Although the tree is beautiful, it was getting way too big for our modest home. The homeowners association where we live was also not very happy about the ever expanding tree, and we soon started receiving notices that we would have to “do something” about our very large tree issue.

Initially my husband, being a typical member of the male species, asserted that he would be able to successfully remove the tree without any help from outside services. Knowing his stubborn nature, I assented and allowed him to go about removing our problem tree one Saturday morning. Needless to say, after four hours of unsuccessful hacking away, he came in and said we needed to find a professional to handle our issue.

To our surprise, there were many professional landscaping in Phoenix companies who specialized in tree removal Phoenix. We went ahead and looked up a few and then visited their website to get more information, customer reviews, and take a look at the various services they offered to homeowners in the area. We were amazed at just how many services were offered including sprinkler repair in Phoenix as well as tree service in Phoenix. Each Scottsdale landscaping company we called was very pleasant and most offered to come out the same day and give us a quote and estimate of how much the tree removal would cost us. It was important to our family that our huge tree not be hacked up and used for lumber, we wanted it to be given to someone who could take care of it. We got on the internet and posted up our free tree to good home sign and got a response from a homeowner who had acres of land and was willing to plant the tree on his property.

In the end, we ended up going with a Phoenix landscaping company that was willing to remove the tree and then transport and plant the tree in its new home. We were delighted with the professionalism, quality of service, and sherman_oak_transplantingquickness in which all of this was taken care of from start to finish. In the end, our problem was resolved and our big tree got a new home where it never has to worry about how big it grows. We have continued to use the same landscaping company to service our garden and yard every month and would highly recommend any homeowner interested in hiring a landscaping company to give them a call and see what they have to offer. We learned the hard way that trying to handle all of your home issues on your own can oftentimes be an erroneous judgment, don’t make the same mistake we did, call professionals to help you out.